Archery team practice......

Practice for the Phasels Wood archery team is Saturday the 26th of April at the Bowbrook archery field between 3 and 6 (not on Sunday as previously blogged).  Please dress according to the weather and bring either a drink or a mug.  I am able to make this session so if anyone needs a lift give me a call on 07733 189916.  Phil.

Mountain Group Introduction Letter

Here's an introduction letter from the Mountain Group. If you are over 12 and haven't been before you've missed some really cool days out. Like the Brocken Spectre we saw last time, a memory that'll last a lifetime.

If you are under 12 and really want to come, convince Alan we won't have to carry you and he may let you come?
A permission form can be found in the Useful Forms link here.

Expedition Challenge Map

Here's a tidied up map you made for Day 1 of the challenge with the phone boxes marked.
The bad news is there is not a KFC in Whitchurch, only a McDonalds, which is on the right side of the town. Think on it folks. KFC Oswestry is not far enough away.

St Georges Day Parade Sunday 27th April 2014

The St Georges Day Parade will take place in Ellesmere at 2pm on Sunday 27th April.
You are all expected to attend in full uniform, that is shirt (with all your badges sewn on), ironed necker, woggle, blue scout trousers or grey / black school trousers, clean shoes. Jeans and trainers will not be acceptable. If you don't have uniform yet, come in cub uniform or smart clothes. Drum Corps, don't forget berets, white sticks etc. You will NOT be allowed to wear a coat unless the parade marshall says so. If it's cold we'll try and find a parent to carry them...
After the parade and singsong there will be activities in Cremorne Park so you can leave from there at about 4-30pm.
We are lining up on Wharf Road but some parking is available in Tesco's car park where you can walk through.


OK, so not many balls went in the bucket but at least we all had a Haribo frenzy afterwards. 

Some good pioneering skills too!

Heavenly! (Head for the hills!)

It's time for the SBSMG to get going again - we always have a great time at these but this time I'm afraid I can't come (shooting competition with the county squad) So you'll have to put up with Pete S.
It'll still be great though! Let me know if you intend to go and I'll let Rich know.

Can't guarantee it'll be as good as the last hike though...

But probably warmer...
This was the last Long Mynd hike...

Drum Corps...........

Unfortunately Roger won't be able to make Drum Corps this Thursday  (April 10th) so it has been cancelled.

Mountain Biking

If you didn't come you missed a great afternoons ride. The weather was great, the food was great, the downhill bits were awesome and the uphill bits were as hard as hell, just the way we like it!
Despite taking loads of photos I've realised not a single one shows anyone on a bike, hummm....
Anyway here we are enjoying ourselves.
In the Giant Mushroom Gardens

In the Baby Mushroom Gardens

Skimming Stones

Chilling Out
Main Course
It's OK, we burnt off loads of calories! 

Bike Wash
 Well done everybody, hope you didn't ache too much.

Expedition Challenge, Planning Meeting 2, Friday 11th 7pm

For those doing the expedition challenge we'll meet at 7pm on Friday at the hut to finalise your plan.
So far you have the following:-
The event will be the 17th/18th May
You have elected a team leader
I'll complete the Nights Away Notification Form (NAN)
You have to cycle 25 miles each day
Leaders will meet you at least 3 time during each day
You would like to sleep in Melverley Village Hall
The challenge set by your leaders will be to log and photograph Red Telephone Boxes and produce a written report.
You have a draft kit list.
You have a list of preferred food.

Tasks (be)for Friday:
Work out a route including as many phone boxes as possible.
Check this link for OS maps online..
Sort out the start time and location.
Work out how to get personal gear to Melverley (leaders car maybe)?
Work out meeting points, maybe major road crossings or good pubs???
Sort out the menu and shopping list (I'll let you know what left overs I have from the Castle Camp).
Confirm the hall availability, cost and cooking equipment.
Work out the camp cost and when you need to pay by.
Determine start time on Sunday and finish time and location.
Anything else???
Copies of the notes are below.

Archery Team Stuff.....

Phasels Wood team, please don't forget the final payment of £12 (or £47 if you haven't paid the first bit) is due by April the 18th. 

There is a practice for the team at the Bowbrook Archery Grounds this Saturday (the 12th April) between 10 and 1.  As always it is a drop in session and bring a mug if you want a hot drink.  It looks like there might be some sunshine as well so a hat might not go amiss!

Here is a kit list for the camp and I will phone round closer to the time with transport arrangements.

Mangonels (and other root vegetables).. Friday 11th April

In fact a Mangonel is one of these monsters;
and we are going to build our own Boreatton versions - all in the name of improving our Pioneering skills.See you at 8.00 at the hut.

Expedition Challenge Friday 4th April

If you want to take part in the Expedition Challenge on the 17th and 18th May. We'll stay behind until 9pm on Friday 4th to do some planning. (Everybody interested, even if you didn't book).
Things we need to think about...
Start and Finish points
Spares and tools
Personal kit

More details here:

Mountain Biking SATURDAY 5TH April

In case of emergency contact leader via mobiles. Peter Sturgess, Alan Herbert, Rory Beath.
Sorry folks mountain biking at Llandegla in now Saturday 5th April. I know it clashes with the Big Busk, drummers will have to choose...
Please book a ticket below so we know who's coming.

Scouts at Llandegla in 2012 being overtaken by Alan the Camerman

We'll meet at Llandegla at 1pm till 4-30pm. If your mum or dad wants to come with us, that's fine as it's an open public track, but we're not waiting for them, (please wait for me though, won't you). Alternatively there's a great cafe and plenty of tracks for walking the dog etc. If you need a lift or bike transport let us know in good time and we'll try and sort something out.
You will not be allowed to ride if you're bike isn't well maintained i.e. everything must be bolted on tightly, the brakes must work, the tyres must be blown up, the gears must work, you won't manage without. You'll also need a cycle helmet. NO EXCUSES. 

Kit List 
Cycle Helmet
Mountain Bike with gears
Water Bottle (full)
Sweets to keep you going
Money for Cafe?
Long sleeves and trousers

I hope your parents have completed the Survey Monkey Questionaire, if not please bring a one day activity form from the Useful Forms page.

Note: If your parents are bringing you it'll cost £4.50 for the car park.
If you don't know where it is....

View Larger Map

Lets get high........with highropes!!! Friday 4th April 6pm

Foolhardy or brave?  Scary or character building?  However you view it you will be buzzing with adrenaline after completing this challenge on Friday.  PGL have very kindly allowed us to use their high ropes course and to make sure we have enough light to climb by we will meet at 6.00 in the coach carpark.  We will be finished and back at the hut by 7-30. Please dress in loose clothing and trainers (no wellies!).