Cardiff Camp Video

He's a slide show from Cardiff... You can watch it on You Tube.

Boreatton Scout Group AGM..........Thursday 30th April

Time for the Groups annual general meeting!  7.00 to 8.00 on Thursday the 30th of April at the hut, it is open to parents and any other interested parties.

There will be a revue of the previous year, presentation of the accounts and election of officers.

We look forward to seeing you there.

St Georges Day Parade.......Sunday 26th April


St George - Patron Saint of both England and the Scouts!

We will parade with all the other District Scouts behind our Drum Corps through the streets of Oswestry to celebrate Englishness and Scoutiness together on Sunday the 26th of April, meeting at Cae Glas park by St Oswalds church at 2.00.  We shall be finished by 4.00.

There are only 2 parades in the year that we expect you to attend, (Remembrance Sunday being the other) so please turn out in full uniform with badges sewn on, school trousers or skirt pressed and school shoes polished!    

British Pedalcar Championships Round One Review & Round Two Details

I've got loads of photos and video from Round One at Wombwell but just not had time to sort them out. I'll update this as soon as I have.

Meanwhile Round Two is fast approaching and I know there's a few more people want to get involved.
So here's a booking form for those who would like to drive and anybody who would like to spectate.
The plan is generally to take our 3 fastest drivers and 3 chosen at random but as we have one scout who has a license but was reserve for round one, he gets one of the random places if he's available.
To complicate matters further, Woodman Pete can't come and help this time so if you can persuade a parent to come and look after cooking etc. that could guarantee you a place.  
We do need a parent helper for the day to go ahead.
We are limited to 9 Scouts, (6 drivers and 3 pit crew) as the car takes up 6 seats of the bus!!!

Race Two is a six hour endurance race, details here
Location : Bruntingthorpe car testing track in Leicestershire.
Date: Saturday 25th April
Depart from; The old Enigma at Shotatton crossroads
Depart time: 7.45am
Return: 10.00pm
(It's not school the following day but it is St Georges Day parade or Archery Squad practice...)

You'll need:
Cycle helmet, trainers, gloves, sun glasses? For drivers Only
Waterproofs and warm clothing for everyone.(It's an old airfield so bound to be windy)
Dry clothes and a towel.
Packed lunch and a drink.
It'll cost £10 to cover the cost of the bus and food.

Archery practice Saturday 18th April

Firstly, apologies for the lack of communication about archery being cancelled last Sunday (the 12th).  It was a last minute cancellation because of high winds and Pete and I were away on camp so didn't get the message till too late :(

There is another archery practice at Bowbrooks Field this Saturday (the 18th) between 10 and 1.
As always it is a drop in session and the cost is £3.

Cardiff Bay Camp Update

Camp is organised, the bus is booked, the food is ordered, the Spy Trail booklets are printed, Dr Who and the Boat ride tickets are paid for. All we need is you, your kit and for a few of you, your forms and money :-)
There's also a few special treats nobody, not even Phil know about...
The details, kit list etc are now hidden in history but he's a link
The only difference is you don't need to bring a knife, fork, spoon, plate and bowl because the centre already has them there. You can still bring a tea towel though! See you all at PGL on Friday at 4pm. Don't be late.
Remember to have a bite to eat before you leave (or bring something for the journey) as supper won't be till about 9pm. On Sunday we'll arrive back at 7pm but won't have eaten since 2pm. At least that means you can have a bit longer sleep before the excitement of school on Monday!
All bags will be in an enclosed trailer so anything you need on the journey will need to be kept separately. If you are risking your IPOD I'll try and remember the Bluetooth adaptor so put some good music on it. ACDC, Queen, Rainbow etc.....

Archery practice Sunday 12th April........

There is an archery practice at the Bowbrook archery field on Sunday April 12th between 1 and 4 (unless you are at the camp in Cardiff of course!).
The cost for this session is £3 and is aimed at those who are going to the Archery Nationals in May, but anyone is free to attend.  As always it is a drop in session and all equipment is provided. 

I promise to do my best climbing

As our last meeting of the term PGL laid on a climbing activity for us, Thanks Guys. Seven new scouts managed to get to the top and shout out their Scout Promise before a slightly more formal, but without uniform, investiture with the troop flag. Climbing is always difficult to photograph from the bottom because you can only see peoples backs. Here's a few pictures for you to identify.

Four New Scouts with our Senior Patrol Leader

 Did you know Alan has just completed 10 years as a Scout Leader, Well done Al, imagine how good you'll be in another 10 :-)

This wall has a nasty overhang to negotiate
And this has very few blocks.
That's it now until after Easter. We are probably back on the 24th April but check the blog. Don't forget its St Georges Day parade on Sunday 26th so you've plenty of time to clean your shoes and iron your uniform.
Meanwhile some of us will be racing the pedal car, at camp in Cardiff or at Archery Squad Practice. I suspect the Drum Corps will be practicing as well. Some of the Explorers in the SBSMG will be in Scotland for the Winter Climbing week. Hikes for scouts start back in the middle of May.

Pedalcar Championships Sunday 29th March

Driving licenses have all arrived, just need to fix the front spoiler and make new number plates. We'll be racing as car 58 this season. We will meet at the Enigma at Shottaton Crossroads at 6am.... so you think that's really early, in fact the clocks change on Saturday night so it'll be 5am if you forget to change your clock. DON'T BE LATE, we don't have any spare time.
You'll need to bring with you.
Rain Gear, Cycle Helmet, Trainers, Sun Glasses (just to look cool), Gloves, Plate, Mug, KFS to eat, Sandwiches and Jelly Babies or other energy packed sweets! Probably a change of clothes and a towel in case you are wet or sweaty. If you've got a deck chair please bring it otherwise you'll have to share.
We should be back with the trophy at 8-30pm but that depends on how long we stay in McDonalds on the way back.
We have a couple of spectators but room for a couple more. Let me know quickly if you want to come. Pete L has to buy food... There will be no charge but you'll need to buy your own McDonalds so bring a few pounds.
Please read the following document with all information we need for the day..

Climbing this Friday 27th March..........

At last, we are back on track with the programme (and then we break up for Easter!!!).

Climbing this Friday at PGL.  We will have 2 sessions so you need to book for either 7 till 8, or 8 till 9.  There is a maximum of 16 per session, otherwise the instructors will be overwhelmed.  Please assemble 5 minutes before the start of your session in the entrance of the top sports barn (not at the hut).  Parents - please park in the hut car park and walk up, don't drive as there are lots of young people running loose in the area.  Please collect your child from the sports barn as well.

Dress to stretch - joggy bottoms, tee shirt and trainers would be good.

For a 7.00 till 8.00 ticket go to;

For an 8.00 till 9.00 ticket go to;

Drum Corps...............Thursday 26th March

Drum Corps will meet this Thursday 26th March - usual time and place!

Easter Camp at Cardiff Bay

If you have not yet paid the full amount or haven't handed in your permission form can you hand it in this Friday please?

SB Swim Squad

It was a great night for the Shropshire Borders Swim Squad. Well that's Boreatton plus two good swimmers from Long Mynd. We all have sore throats now from screaming at the swimmers. Some of the races were extremely competitive with only half a hands length separating the competitors. Everybody pushed themselves beyond the limit and hopefully have a medal to prove it. Well done to you all.
Overall the gala was won by Tern Valley District who pipped us by just eight point. We'll Be Back!!!
Shropshire Borders Swim Squad 2015

Welcome to the Troop

Welcome to all our new scouts who have crossed the river from Cubs (or life elsewhere). There's no going back now! Scouting is what YOU make of it. If you pay your subs, turn up on a Friday and treat it as a youth club, you'll probably enjoy yourself but it could be so much more....Almost every weekend there will be something going on, either in our Troop or within the District or County, if not check out the badge list, on the blog and set yourself a challenge. Of course when your new it'll all be a bit scarey but believe me life doesn't get any easier, so push yourself and take the risk, you may just enjoy it.
If your parents are reading this rather than you, you are failing on the first challenge :-) as you get older you should take responsibility for yourself, so getting organised for scouts is the first step;
What are we doing?
Is my uniform clean and ironed?
Did I sew that new badge on?
How am I getting there?
Do I need to bring, camp forms, money etc....
For your investiture you'll need to know the Scout Law and Promise. I assume you know the Scout Motto?
So it's with great regret I have to say, on Friday I left my camera in the car and walked  down to the river.... The photos from my phone are particularly rubbish but maybe you can recognise the blurred image on the Bosun's chair?


3 of our oldest Scouts were presented with their Chief Scouts Gold Award tonight after working towards it for nearly 4 years.
Well done you three.  Duke of Edinburgh Bronze next?