Darren's Winter Wander!

Night Hike 

Friday 9th December 

Meet at 7 pm at the Lych Gate to All Saints Church, Baschurch 
To finish back at The Hut by 10 pm

Last Friday we got some top tips for what kit to consider when heading outdoors for adventure, this week we are heading out , note the early start 7pm, and trekking from All Saints Church in Patrols back to The Hut. You will need to work together to reach all the checkpoints in correct order, stay warm and stay safe. As we will be walking on some of the local lanes and will encounter traffic, please include a light item of clothing or some reflective item - small prize for the most dazzingly illuminated Scout!!!!

Kit List 

Walking boots, waterproof coat, warm hat, base layer, fleece, trousers [Not Jeans!!], waterproof over-trousers, gaiters [if you have them as it is very muddy in parts]. Small pack with snacks & water bottle, spare fleece and torch [head-torch if you have one], whistle and personal first aid kit. 

Help Required 

We do need additional adults for this activity to help with manning checkpoints, helping with the welcome back brew at The Hut and as Sweeper Team to walk through the route and ensure our amazing young folk are all accounted for!! If you can help please contact Pete L, thanks. 

Cotswold Kit Competition! 

Peter Moss from Cotswold has very kindly donated a Classic Montane beanie hat. To win this superb addition to your outdoors kit  you will need to answer the following three questions, write down your answers and then seal them in an envelope and give to a Leader. We will draw out the winner at the end of the Hike. 

Question 1 - Who was the first person to reach the North Pole on foot? 

Question 2 - Who reached the South Pole first and what gave him and his team the edge? 

Question 3 - Which climber was the first to reach the top of the world's 14 mountains over 8,000 metres and climbed Everest without oxygen? 

Having an expert in really helps, Peter gave us some great tips on keeping warm and packing sensibly for the outdoors, I was trying out his roll-your-coat-into-the-hood thing today, nice! Peter also mentioned that as a Scout you are entitled to a 15% Discount at Cotswolds Outdoors, just take in your Necker. I have thanked him and we will see him again in the New year for a Navigation masterclass.

Your Scouting achievements and where to sew them.....

Hard work recognised! 

As you may of noticed many of the Scouts have been racking up the badges. I thought a picture to show you where they go might be useful. A number of the Scouts in the excitement of having their skills and endeavours recognised pop their new badges in a pocket and forget that the safest place for them is sewn onto their uniforms [I have noticed that for those Scouts who glue their badges, these slowly fall off and sadly, what should be a busy Scout shirt becomes a bit forlorn]. If your needlework skills are a bit ropey, maybe this is your next Challenge!!

Each week we look to record the amazing things that the Scouts do to earn the various badges available in the Scout section. To find out more about the Scout badge system check out https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/8159704/badge_webs/index.htm

Expedition Kit - Have you got what you need for the British Winter Outdoors?

Outdoors is where we belong! 

Friday 2nd December 8pm to 9.30pm at The Hut

This Friday 2nd December we will be joined by Peter Moss of Cotswold Outdoors for an evening of kit preparation. This is to help you get ready for our winter night hike the following week [Friday 9th December].  

The challenge - Each Scout needs to bring a packed rucksac with kit required for a day or over-night in the British mountains in the winter. Do your own research and be prepared for kit inspection!!! 

Full uniform please, thanks. 

Happy packing, See you there! 

Balloons, bangers and bush bread!!

 Another amazing day in the woods!! Sorry only a few photos though lots of great memories. We have another two days after Christmas, ask anyone who was there and get yourself booked in!

Fire safety at Shrewsbury Fire Station

Shrewsbury Station Fire Station Visit

Thanks to the Troop who behaved wonderfully at the Fire Station Visit, so much so Firefighter Graham has invited us back next year to have a go with the hoses!!! 

Bushcraft and Forestry at Llanymynech Nature Reserve

Bushcraft and Forestry Skills 
at Llanymynech Nature Reserve

Sunday 27th November 10am to 4pm

To book in for this day let Pete know on Friday at the Fire Station Visit, thanks!

Kit List
Stout boots to be worn - you will be instructed in the use of axes and stout boots are essential
Knife, fork, spoon, plate, mug Water bottle
A fleece [old as it will get smokey, muddy and covered in ketchup!] Waterproof coat and trousers, hat that covers ears, Personal first aid kit
Any medication needed (which should be handed to a Leader at the start of the day with instructions for use)
Torch and spare batteries, Rucksack to carry it all in
A small lock knife or sheath knife (to be handed to a Leader at the start of the camp and to be issued when needed) in a plastic bag with your name on it.  This is an optional item.
We will have fires burning most of the day. There’s a good chance of clothing getting burn holes or ripped in the woods. Don’t bring your best gear!!!
Finally ensure you put a change of clothes in the car you come in  case of wet weather [& a plastic bag to sit on to protect that lovely car seat cover!] 

Please drop off/collect at the reserve car park which can be found at the end of Underhill Lane, Pant.

Shrewsbury Fire Station Visit

Boreatton Scouts Standard issue kit for marshmallow toasting! 

        Shrewsbury Fire Station Visit
St Michaels Street, Shrewsbury, SY1 2HJ 

Friday 25th November 2016 

7.30pm - 9pm - Please note the earlier time

Full Uniform please, thanks. 

Remember this is a fully operational fire station and we need to be sensible and stay out of the way if the Firemen need to respond to an emergency. 

Bonkers Conkers..........

This Friday we will put to use all the conkers you have been collecting.  Get ready for battle, and afterwards there may be a sausage or two and some smores!

Remembrance Sunday 2016

Practice, practice, practice on Friday night........................

 Forming up ready for the parade.......

Thank you to everyone who was able to join the Remembrance Sunday Parade.  A fantastic turnout - everyone smart and respectful, and the marching practice obviously paid off.

Special thanks to the Wreath Bearer and Colour Party - well done!

Remembrance Sunday 2016

Practice, practice, practice on Friday night........................

 Forming up ready for the parade.......

Thank you to everyone who was able to join the Remembrance Sunday Parade.  A fantastic turnout - everyone smart and respectful, and the marching practice obviously paid off.

Special thanks to the Wreath Bearer and Colour Party - well done!

Christmas Shopping and the German Market

Just a few tickets remaining. If you want to come, ring Gillian and let me have your money at Remembrance Parade. Thanks


I don't care what you call it, we need it all!

If you haven't paid your subs yet please cough up.  Not sure whether you've paid?  Phil will have a list with him on Friday.

Drumming - join in!

We are so lucky at Boreatton - there are only a handful of Scout Drum Corps in the UK and we have the best!  This Friday we will have the Drum Corps with us to teach us how to march in readiness for the Remembrance Sunday Parade.  They will then let us have a go at drumming (sorry PGL) and maybe even the Lyras if we get time.  If you enjoy it then you too can join the Drum Corps and get fame and glory!

Most of the evening will be outside so please dress appropriately.  

Investiture meeting.........Friday 11th November 7.00PM

Those Scouts who haven't been Invested yet need to have a chat about what it means to be a Scout and to be Invested.  This Friday we will be having a marching practice and have-a-go drumming session at 8.00 at the hut, so if you haven't been Invested please meet at the hut at 7.00 to prepare for your Investiture at the Remembrance Sunday parade.

Don't forget, you will need a Scout shirt for the parade - either from our District Scout shop (terrypam2@btinternet.com) or from the school shop in Shrewsbury.  We provide the necker (£5), woggle and badges.

Lest we forget.......Sunday 13th November

At 11 AM on the 11th of November 1918 World War 1 (or the 'war to end all wars' as it was then called) ended leaving a death toll of over 16 million souls, some not much older than you.  Every year we parade with the Royal British Legion (who are old soldiers, sailors and air personnel) in Baschurch to remember the dead and wounded from not only the first world war, but all conflicts.

This is the one occasion in the year on which your Leaders ask every Scout to set aside any other commitments you may have on the morning of Sunday 13th of November to march to the church in Baschurch and attend the Service of Remembrance as a show of respect. Our Drum Corps will lead the parade and a good turnout is much appreciated by the British Legion who have awarded the troop affiliated status - all those who march with us are entitled to wear the RBL Affiliated Unit Badge on their uniform.

Please wear Scout shirt (tucked in!) and necker, school trousers and polished school shoes.  We won't wear a coat unless the parade marshall says we can so a couple of thermal tee shirts under your shirt may be a good idea (if previous parades are anything to go by!).

We will meet at 10.10AM at the Admiral Duncan carpark in Baschurch and will finish the parade around 12.20 in Millington Close.  Please wear a poppy, left hand side of your shirt above your International Scout badge, and don't forget some change for the collection.  Mums, Dads and siblings are very welcome to attend the service.