Stuff to Do This Week

 1. We have a programme change this week, no car mechanics but back to The Hut for our traditional Patrol Challenge evening with prizes!
2. Ensure you have your Subs paid for the the term, just a few left to pay,  thanks. 
3.. Keep checking the Blog to make sure you know where to be for this coming Friday's Scout session
and 4.. Nice hike Friday, thanks to all the parents who joined us to make sure it was a fun and safe activity, much appreciated. 

Please Note Programme Change!!! - Patrol Challenge

Patrol Challenge Evening - is your Patrol the One? 

Friday 21st October 

Please note we have a change to the programme and instead of the Car Mechanics evening we will be meeting at The Hut for an evening of challenges for which there will be prizes!! 

Usual Friday timing - 8pm to finish by 9.30pm - Full uniform 

We will re-schedule the Car Mechanics badge evening for after Half term. Remember we take a break over the half term week and will be back to Scouting business on Thursday 3rd for the Boreatton Scout Group Bonfire night at Leaton Hall. Details to follow, watch the Blog as usual!

Remember challenges start small and just get crazier! 

To the Top and we had to stop!!

A weird photo of a weird walk in the woods and quarries of Grinshill and Clive. Our first night hike of the season and a goody. A spooky crocodile of head-torch lights founds its way through the woods and snaking paths, a great way to spend a Friday evening. Thanks to the Scouts and adults for a trek to remember! 


Image result for tryfan boreatton

It's the scrambliest hike of the year - I can't go as it clashes with the rifle championships but those of you that can't shoot straight can do one of the best hikes of the season! You will need to contact Chris or Richard as on the form this time to let them know and to sort out where you get picked up!

Rifle Champs!

We are the Champions!

Image result for boreatton rifles               Image result for boreatton rifles 
Here are the forms! Don't forget you also need to PAY for the camp, and have paid your subs!

We have a potential problem with the logistics this year as we are short of available adult leaders.  

This is an opportunity for parents to take advantage of the chance to join their scout at the historic centre for shooting and join the fun! You will not be able to camp with us but if you help with transport, I can provide accommodation at the NRA Lines Lodge (another historic shooting lodge at Bisley). Please let me know if you are able to help!

Meanwhile, I have persuaded Philippa to come too (promising warm balmy evenings in the late Autumn sunshine....) so all will be well, especially if we get another volunteer as the landy is poorly and our other car is tiny so we are potentially short on seats...

Like the Old Grand Duke of York but in the dark!

 Night Hike Time! 

Friday 14th October 

After last Friday's practice now is the time for the real thing!  We have an earlier start - 7.30pm but the same finish time of 9.30pm. You will need dropping off at Yorton Railway Station [see map below - Drivers please note the car park is quite small] with the following kit - 

Head torch, good fitting walking boots, waterproof coat and trousers, fleece top, base layer, trousers/tracksuit bottoms [not jeans], warm hat, water bottle or flask, snacks, personal first aid kit, whistle, spare socks and a comfortable rucksac to carry your stuff in. 

There will be a few surprises along the way! See you there!

Not getting lost, a good idea?

This Friday..........

In the deep, dark woods down Boreatton Way can you hear the Elephant Patrol lurching loudly through the trees or is it the Whisper-bat Patrol, barely disturbing the air on their way to squash and biscuits?

How good is your Night vision? Can you prowl like a cat , leaping nimbly from precarious perch to the slightest ledge or do you make like the bull and smash all the plates, get twigs in your hair and create enough clatter to raise the dead!! Well this Friday, grab a torch and learn stealth skills with your Patrol mates, and leave the dead where they belong!

We are back at The Hut for 8pm to 9.30pm

Bring a torch, wear your uniform, long tough trousers, outdoors coat and footwear.

So shush... see you but not hear you on Friday!

Paddlesports with added sunshine!

Here's a few pictures of Scouts paddling around with skill and smooth flair, no swimmers today!

Stuff to do this week ....

All Scouts please check the Kayak session posting as the booking link is now up and ready. Please copy and paste the link for your preferred session, thanks. 

Conker collecting time - i have noticed some good looking winning conkers this week, do make sure you collect a bagful ready for the conkers night later this term! 

Woodman Pete

Night Maneuvers in Baschurch...........Friday 30th September

This Friday you will be working together as a team in your Patrols, in the dark, in Baschurch, earning Haribo through the evening.  

Come prepared for an evening out doors (the forecast is dry and 10 C) with a torch.  We will meet at 8.00 where the bus drop off lane is at the Corbett school, and pick up there at 9.30.

Kayak Yourself Happy!

Paddlesport Taster sessions 

Boreatton Scouts paddling across Chirk Aqueduct 2015

Sunday 2nd October 

Thanks to Shropshire Paddlesport canoe club we have been offered two taster sessions this coming Sunday 2nd October - 10am to 12 noon and 1pm to 3pm. 

Numbers are restricted so you can only book onto one of the sessions. Please use the Eventrite booking window. 

Please meet at the canalside by the Shropshire Paddlesport Clubhouse at Queens Head, near West Felton on the Montgomeryshire Canal. Please arrive 10 minutes before your session so you can get changed quickly to make the most of the session. 

Kit List - Change of clothes and towel for after the session - warm top/coat, warm hat!  
On the Water - Sports sandals, old plimsoles, jellies or similar for your feet, tracksuit bottoms or shorts, t-shirt, light fleece top for the paddle session. Snack and drink. 

All other equipment will be provided. 

Please bring SUBS if not paid yet, £35 with cheques payable to 'Boreatton Scout Troop, thanks. 

To book for the morning session cut and paste the link below into your browser

To book for the afternoon session cut and paste the link below into your browser

Went Wild in the Woods

We went wild  in the woods and what a lovely day too! Bangers, marshmallows, the most amazing woodland shelters, improvised stretchers for casualty rescue practice and loads of tree felling. We are back here in Sunday November 27th, make a note in the diary and become a  Boreatton Scouts Bushcraft  expert! 

Marshies of course, and a photo bomber! 

Going Wild in the Woods!

Woodland Survival Skills Sessions 2016/17

Lost in the woods, getting dark, hungry, cold – what would you do? Find out how you would get on during our next Troop sessions at the Shropshire Wildlife Trust nature reserve at Llanymynech in Pant. Learn fire lighting, shelter building and basic life-saving first-aid deep in the woodlands in our own special bush-craft hideaway. We will be working in patrols honing our survival skills and backwoods cooking arts! 

Check the kit list below for the right stuff to bring.
Sunday 25th September 10.00am to 4pm
Meeting point - Llanymynech Nature Reserve, Underhill Lane car park, Pant
For further details see map below - 

Kit List
Stout boots to be worn
Knife, fork, spoon, plate, bowl, mug
Water bottle
A fleece [old as it will get smoky , muddy and covered in ketchup!]
Waterproof coat and trousers, hat that covers ears
Personal first aid kit and Torch with spare batteries
Any medication needed (which should be handed to a Leader at the start of the day with instructions for use)
Rucksack to carry it all in
A small lock knife or sheath knife (to be handed to a Leader at the start of the camp and to be issued when needed) in a plastic bag with your name on it.  This is an optional item. NO PEN KNIVES - these close easily and are dangerous.
We will have fires burning most of the day. There’s a good chance of clothing getting burn holes or ripped in the forest. Don’t bring your best gear!!!

Finally ensure you put  a change of clothes in the car you come in  case of wet weather.

The Autumn/Winter programme..................

As you can see, due to popular demand we will be at the hut on Fridays from the 7th of October.

Our landlord, PGL, have been very kind to us over the years (we pay £10 a year ground rent for the hut!) so to help them we have reached a deal where we can be in the hut from October to early May, then we will have off-site activities from May to October.  This has worked well this year and achieved the objective of relieving traffic on the lanes around PGL during their busy spell.

Sorry for any confusion, this has taken a bit of experimenting and thrashing out, but we are sorted at last!!

Once again, we are having a Conker Night so start collecting them in readiness.

Back to Basics.....................Friday 16th September

I hope you are all ready for a term of activity and excitement after a few weeks off? 

As always, our first night back is Back to Basics - introducing our Newbies to Scouts, sorting out Patrols with new PL's and APL's, general admin stuff and then some games.

We can't go back to PGL yet as they are still busy so we will meet this Friday at the Methodist church hall on Tedsmore Road, West Felton, SY11 4HH, 8.00 till 9.30.

Full uniform please (we are Scouts after all!!!) and don't forget your subs - £35 for the term either as a cheque payable to Boreatton Scout Group or cash in an envelope with your name on it please.

See you on Friday and hopefully we will have the term programme finalised by then :)